I’m obsessed with imagery.  Magazine tears, light-leaks, Instagram filters, kaleidoscopes, cinematography …I just eat it up.  It all began playing dress-up as a child with my sister, and taking posed pictures with an old 35mm camera.  In the world of our creation, we were whoever we wanted to be.  The queen-sorcerer, the penniless slave, the mermaid, the jester.  Those days I learned to use story-telling in making compelling photographs.  Ever since, I’ve had a haunting-urge to make these fantasy worlds come to life again.  While working as a wardrobe stylist for fashion shoots, I learned how to execute my vision alongside other talents.  But it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to be the one making the photographs.  I had to *click* it.  Photography has been the most fulfilling hobby turned passion turned career, I could ever have hoped for.  I love enrolling others in a bigger vision than I could have done alone.  I strive to find those moments which go unseen.  The smallest fragments of time in-between seconds.  I like to stop time for these moments.


Typically my Portrait Sessions begin at $450, depending on the size and scope of the shoot.  Additional services include: Styling, Hair/MU, custom artistic edits, custom high-res prints

Event Photography is $100/hr plus editing/travel costs

Weddings begin at $1500 for simple ceremonies, and $2800 for photo/video packages

*Send me an email to request detailed pricing and packages*

//Leanna Jean\\



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