Truest Beauty Workshop






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I have lived most of my life afraid of being in front of the camera.  It became a running joke that as soon as the button clicked, my face would hault like a deer in headlights.  I’m not going to pretend that I don’t make awkward faces still…  but I’ve learned that I get to create special moments of beauty.  We are all capable of revealing our inner beauty with some nurturing.





There is complex internal psychology of being in front of the lens.  An ego-based decision between which “face” and “pose” to assume in order to express yourself.  We are so effected by this “avatar” culture where the amount of “likes” has a direct correlation with our confidence.  It’s ok to be effected by this Facebook Insta-culture.  Let’s embrace it!  We will be going into more depth on this subject of social media and “projected image”





Where does your “true essence” lie?  Maybe you have an out of focus phone pic that reveals how your spirit looks.  Or a candid shot where you can see and feel your joy and brightness.  Perhaps your favorite photo of yourself is a bathroom selfie when the light was just right.  I want to help you create these moments of spirit essence — to draw out and preserve a special part of you.



* T R U E S T . B E A U T Y . W O R K S H O P *

JUNE 20th, 1-8pm



“Sensory Meditation & Body Flow”

A closed eye visualization discovering our true essence and revealing our blocks to living in that energy.  Breathing exercise and essential oils to ignite our senses.  We will be going deep- in order to transform from the inside out.

We will be getting “into our bodies” through basic yoga postures for alignment and simple and juicy movement exercises (no yoga/dance experience required)

“Mirror Mirror”

Working with the dreaded mirror and camera lens as a healing modality.  Realigning our mental image of ourselves through our present reflection and the voices that we hear about our own beauty.




“Dress-Up Portraits”

Playing with costumes and creative wardrobe ideas to portray our “true beauty” as manifested in our grounding meditation.  All wardrobe/accessories provided, but please bring anything that you love that makes you feel beautiful!  I will be shooting each beauty individually while the others create and play with makeup and hair.




“Affirmation Sharing Circle”

Tasty organic dinner will be provided while sharing our views of ourselves, our breakthroughs in our self-image, and reaffirming self-love through the comments and reflections of others.

Afterwards we will continue portraits with a new twist.  Creative play!






After the workshop, each woman will be rewarded with a new sense of her unique and intrinsic beauty.  Permanent edited images will support her new self-confidence.  Come play with us and discover your personal beauty signature.

**love&light, Leanna Jean**