Portrait Sessions begin at $450 depending on the size and scope of the shoot.  My approach is uniquely unconventional.

When I shoot portraits, it is a healing art.  It’s normal if you are self-conscious in front of the camera= so am I!  That is why I offer these sessions as a healing technique.  There is much power in the camera’s ability to make us feel emotion.  Some assume the camera is going to do a disservice and make us monstrous.  We have had experiences in the past with horrid shots being posted on public media. Or maybe we just hate some part of our body and can’t see anything but that flaw.   I assure you that we can work through this and bring back elegance, confidence and grace to restore your reflection and showcase your unique beauty.  The energy of the shoot is very important, so I am here to remain calming and always present to what is happening for you.  If you are nervous– voice it!  That’s all you need to do, be . here . now. and we will get through the awkward moments and soar into more beautiful light ones**

I also offer: “Goddess portraits” or otherwise… fairytale dress-up fantasy styled shoots.  I provide wardrobe hair/mu and location options in order for us to bring power into whatever we are co-creating.  (See “Goddess” section on my website for examples).  Goddess sessions are meant to bring out an aspect of our personality: dominating, sweet, curious, powerful .. anything that we want to manifest more of in our life!  There is so much power in displaying this to the world.  It is utterly magical and I’m always amazed to see transformations before my eyes.