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  • How many images do you deliver?
    The amount of final edited images depends on how long we shoot. I edit 15 final photos for every shooting hour. If you'd like more than that, then we can discuss!
  • Do you deliver all the files or only the edited ones?
    If you prefer to select the edits for editing, then by all means! Sometimes we have different taste about what should be considered a "favorite" I will deliver an unedited Dropbox folder within 24-48 hours after the shoot. This will include everything that we shot and you may keep these raw digital files for your memories. From there, you can select by commenting on the photos that are your favorites, or simply pull them into a new folder and send me that with the original file names. (if this sounds confusing, I will walk you through it!)
  • Do you offer Prints?
    For an additional fee, we can discuss print options I can also lead you towards companies which you can do it yourself. Make keepsakes like mugs, albums, cards, and framed prints.
  • What do I wear?
    Contigent on the kind of shoot we are doing, I can offer advice for wardrobe. I began as a wardrobe stylist for fashion shoots so I can offer advice or go through the lengths of pulling for your shoot, if desired. I also have an extensive Vintage collection which is my other business, if you are local to me in Grass Valley, we can have a styling appointment here pre-shoot.


Portrait Shoot

Sometimes, you just need a few photos for:


-book cover

-company portrait

-Christmas card

-Social Media 

  1. One Hour Shooting time

  2. Location within 20 miles of Grass Valley (or additional travel fee)

  3. Optional Preview album for selecting favorites

  4. 15 Gorgeous hand-edited High-Res Photos

  5. Delivery within 2-weeks from final selection




Portraits with More

If your vision is more involved, and you need more than 3 outfit changes, I suggest this package. 

  1. 2 Hours Shooting Time

  2. Location within 40 miles of Grass Valley

  3. Optional Preview album for selecting favorites

  4. 30 Gorgeous hand-edited High-Res Photos

  5. Delivery within 2-weeks from Final selection



Fashion, Commercial,
Company Shoot

We can accomplish hundreds

of social media photographs

within a condensed day of shooting. 

  1. Four Hours Shooting Time

  2. Location within 50 miles from Grass Valley

  3. Optional Preview Album 

  4. 120 Beautifully hand-edited photos

  5. Delivery within 2 weeks from final selection

  6. Pro-Lighting and optional studio-rental add-on


the way

Fill out the contact form
Give me a general idea what you are looking for, so that I can properly quote you and prepare. Pricing is adjustable to specific needs, as I understand not everyone fits in these boxes.

Make a plan
Agree upon details for our session and put in writing. 
Review posing guides and discuss what to expect. 

Shoot Day

Meet up and create those special moments together.

I shoot quickly and change poses/locations

until I've "got the shot".  


Based off our package agreement, a specific amount of edits delivered 2-weeks after final selections, (rushed processing available upon request) Delivered in High-Res via sharable Dropbox links that never expire.  

Ready to make magic?

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